8 Reasons to Start Wearing Contact Lenses

16th Jul 2020

Many years ago when plastic money was introduced many people were dubious, now it is the most trusted and convenient way to keep money with you, doing payments and transferring money. Same is the case with contact lenses, at first people wanted to keep this idea at bay and now 125 million people in the world profoundly use contacts to correct their vision. It has become the go to way of many people to correct their compromised vision through contacts. At first contact lenses were expensive and not very accessible, but now cheap colored contacts, visibility contacts and prosthetic contacts are all available in stores and online with an array of colors, tints and materials to pacify everyone’s needs.

Team glasses or team contacts which one are you? People have their own reasons to make the shift from glasses to contacts. Although the primary source is still glasses but contacts lenses are not that far behind and are gaining popularity among the masses at great pace. The toss between the two is a matter of personal preferences, lifestyle and aesthetics and not due to any incompetency. Both are non-surgical ways to correct impaired vision and both have their own sets of pros and cons. With the rise in the curve of people shifting from spectacles to contact lenses it seems like people have opted for ease and comfort.

With people staying indoors now, more than ever due to the novel Corona virus pandemic the screen time has spiked. Smartphones have reached far and wide and have now become an obligation of life. All this has resulted in a rise in the demand of vision correct tools. So without further ado let's dive into the many reasons I have amassed for you in this blog to wear contact lenses.

1.Appearance and vanity

Eyes are the widows to your soul; they can express the feeling in the best possible manner. A feature we all want to flaunt. The most popular reason for selecting contacts as a vision correcting tool is that they do it invisibly. Glasses cover your face with the frame and people tend to notice that more than any other thing. Contact lenses offer you the freedom to fully endorse your style and fashion sense. Wearing contacts enable you to show-off the makeup you have done, without causing any hindrance in vision correction. Contacts give you the liberty to truly shine through and let people see the real you.

2.Comfort and ease

Contact lenses are far more comfortable than glasses. It may seem weird to you as contacts are placed on top of the irises and glasses go nowhere near the eyes. But once you get a hang of inserting the lenses then it’s a piece of a cake. Whereas glasses rest on top of the ears and nose, resulting in aching temples and bridge of nose as they trigger pressure on these areas. They are a nuisance if they keep slipping off the nose and you constantly need to place it back. Contacts are made of breathable material that ensures the optimal health of the eyes.

3.Rain is no pain

Those unexpected rain showers which brings joy to most people but to eyeglasses wearers it’s an added problem. The drops of water splattering the glasses can make it difficult to enjoy the weather or if you are caught up in bad weather than it’s a complete misadventure to wipe the rain drops again and again. With varying levels of precipitation the glass lenses tend to fog up often, causing a lot of trouble. With contacts you can enjoy the weather with your friends and family without a glitch in the vision.

4.No breakage or damage

Contacts aren’t that fragile as the glasses. If you trip or fall and don’t get to save the glasses at the proper time, they will break easily, especially the frame which is the expensive part. Glasses also accumulate scratches and scuffs on the surface of the lenses, which can undermine the health of eyes. The rusting of arms or the discoloration of the nose pads are all the cons of glasses. Contacts are free from all these obligations, opt for daily, weekly or monthly ones and get sorted.

5.No forgetting

Your contacts are always safe in the container you have put them in, last night. But glasses always go missing and that is true for everyone out there. You keep them on the side table and in the morning you are frantically patting the surface till your heart sinks. It’s an ordeal very well known to all the eyeglass wearers. Contacts never go missing; they become a part of your morning ritual.

6.Unhindered peripheral vision

Contacts offer the full-field of vision with no hindrance and limitations. Contacts cover your corneas and in this way you have a crisp vision and full access to the entire field. The frame and the thickness of the lenses, determine how much they will obstruct the vision. Not to forget the distortion of the view that you see through glasses and what is really outside of them. Try looking from the side of your glasses and you may experience blocked or blurry vision. All of this instantly goes out of the window when you put those little semi-circles and step into the world with self-reliance.

7.Active lifestyle

Are you someone who loves recreational activities? If yes, than Korean contact lenses are your new best friends. Unrestricted by frames, they allow you to actively participate in sports events. Unlike glasses, which can jostle while running, jumping or kicking; contacts adhere to your eyeballs. Eyeglasses are never recommended for vigorous activities. Sweating can also result in fogging which is the last thing an active person wants.

8.Flaunt those sunglasses

Prescription specs and trendy sunglasses never go hand in hand, if you choose one the other automatically drops. Why suffer from this dilemma if you can do both by opting for contact lenses. I myself am a sunglasses hoarder and know how much it can save you from a no-makeup look. Put yourself out of the misery and buy contacts so that nothing comes between you and the things you enjoy.

For me, contacts are the new way to go about in this time and age when things are moving so fast that nothing should come in your way and slow you down. Contacts rule!

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