A spring with a lot of fine dust, the contact cleaning management method proposed by'K-lenspop'

2nd Apr 2021

As the days get warmer, there are days with severe fine dust, and the attention of contact lens wearers is focused on correct contact lens cleaning and management. Let's take a look at how to care for the lenses to wear healthy contact lenses.

Basch+Lomb Korea, a global eye health company, recommends wearing one-day contact lenses rather than regular wearable lenses on days with severe fine dust and discarding them after daily wear.

Even if you wear one-day contact lenses, your vision or foreign body sensation that is blurred than usual due to fine dust If you feel uncomfortable with this, it is recommended to use a multi-purpose management solution with excellent cleaning power, remove it at the moment you feel a foreign body, and wash it.

In addition, consumers who wear monthly lenses said it is important to follow the basic lens care guide more thoroughly.

In fact, it feels natural, but in real life, it is often not observed or misrecognized, so if you wear the lens with the following 8 correct management methods, you can wear a healthy lens even in the spring when there is a lot of fine dust.

*Be sure to wipe your hands thoroughly before handling the lens.

Since foreign substances and bacteria can get into your eyes through your hands, be sure to wash your hands with soap and dry them before putting on and removing the lenses before handling the lenses.

*Clean the lens by rubbing it with a multipurpose lens care solution.

For the lens removed from the eye, wet the lens with a multipurpose care solution such as Renew or BioTrue, then gently rub it with your fingers for 20 seconds, then rinse thoroughly.

*Always manage with fresh management solution.

After washing and rinsing the lens, put it in the lens case, fill it with the multipurpose lens care solution, and store it with the lid closed to prevent exposure to the air.

*Keep the lens case clean and replace it regularly.

After wearing the lens, be sure to discard the remaining solution in the case, rinse it with a fresh multi-purpose management solution, dry it, and replace the lens case with a new one at least every 3 months.

* Please observe the lens replacement cycle thoroughly.

Contact lenses are medical devices that come into direct contact with the eyes, so strictly adhere to the recommended lens replacement cycle. Daily only one day! One month use only for one month!

*Be sure to remember the order of wearing lenses before and after makeup.

Lens always comes first! Wear it before makeup, and even when removing makeup, remove the lens before removing it.

* Do not use tools to clean the lens.

Rubbing with a tissue or cotton swab can scratch and contaminate the lens. After washing your hands, use a fresh all-purpose lens care solution to gently rub your fingers.

* Take regular eye exams and lens conditions.

To maintain a healthy and clear vision, have an eye exam every 6 months, and have your lenses checked regularly.