Are Colored Contacts Safe For Your Eyes?

27th May 2020

If you are looking to change your look for some event or just for a break from normal but you don’t want anything permanent and long-lasting, colored contact lenses might be just the thing for you. Colored eye contacts are something both people with eyesight problems and normal people can benefit from. There is a huge collection of colored contact lenses available online and you can get them from your doctor as well but you might not get a lot of options. They give you the ability to look like anyone or anything from a celebrity to an anime character. The costume contact lenses are so diverse in variety that you can look like a witch, a warrior, a zombie, Cinderella or Rapunzel, Elsa or Anna, an ogre maybe or an elf, in short, you can complete any costume with their respective colored eye contacts.

There are many myths associated with colored contact lenses as well and the question that pops up the most is, are colored contacts safe for your eyes? The simplest answer is that they are just as safe as a pair of prescription contact lenses. The precautions and safeties associated with both are the same. If you follow these instructions, colored contact lenses will not cause you any trouble.

Maintain healthy hygiene:

One thing that every eyecare professional emphasizes on is that you wash your hands properly and dry them thoroughly before putting on or off contact lenses. Most people that wear colored contact lenses are getting ready for some occasion or an event that incorporates makeup. So it is important that you put on contact lenses before applying makeup so that no residue gets behind your eye during the process and take them off before removing the makeup for the same reason. Try to use oil-base makeup as it won’t sprinkle. It is important that you keep yourself hydrated and reduce your intake of alcohol that might lead to dry and itchy eyes something you don’t want at a party.

Get a prescription for your contact lenses:

There are many contact lens vendors online that offer contact lenses online without prescription that is illegal in the US. It is never a good idea to wear contact lenses without a doctor’s prescription. We are not suggesting that you buy contact lenses from a doctor as they have a limited stock as far as variety is concerned and cost more than online. You just need the prescription from the doctor and then you can buy colored contact lenses from any authentic vendor online. Doctors take many different measurements of the eye before prescribing a contact lens prescription like the radius and curvature of the eye’s lens.

Hazards of ignoring the precautions:

Contact lenses are very delicate and sensitive devices as they go directly on our eyes making their care a critical matter. If you buy a wrong fit pair of lenses you will get itchy eyes but the problems will get worse if you don’t take them off quickly as it can lead to scratches, ulcers, severe blinding eye infections, and many other serious problems so it is important to get a doctor’s prescription before buying colored eye contact. Colored contact lenses have pigments of paint on them making them less breathable so it is vital that you take them out after some time and let your eyes breathe. There are contact lenses that can be worn for extended periods of time but doctors always suggest taking a break from contact lenses colored or not. 

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