Can You Swim While Wearing Contact Lenses

17th Aug 2020

When summer arrives it inevitably transpires in a pool season which is the best way to beat the heat. But for contact lens wearers, it's a bit of a hassle because they have to be prepared before plunging into the water. Planning ahead is a safe option but let’s be real, these plans are always spontaneous and spur-of-the-moment dips are the best. The question that looms in the minds of every lens wearer before going in the pool is, “How bad can it really be to swim with a lens on?”

Well, I will like to burst that little bubble of hope and tell you that swimming with your contacts can significantly increase the risk of many eye infections. The ramifications of it can be very serious and one should totally avoid putting the eyes to such a risk, you need them trust me.

Why wearing contacts while swimming is such a big no, no?

Water is a home to bacteria, microorganisms and pathogens. Arguing that pool water is chlorinated doesn’t mean it’s not riddled with bugs and organisms. Chlorine doesn’t kill all the bacteria in the water, so don’t put precious eyes to that kind of a test. As recommended by FDA, contacts shouldn’t be exposed to any type of water source, be it tap water, pool, showers, saunas or hot tubs, period. The most petrifying virus that is found in water is Acanthamoeba, it clings to your contact lens instigating inflammation and infection which can lead to cornea transplant or even complete blindness.

Soft lenses are porous and permeable, which results in absorption of bacteria, water and chemical. This can cause your lenses to be tight on your eyes as contacts have absorbed the water and swelled. Rigid permeable lenses are a complete no in the pool as they can easily dislodge while swimming. The natural tears in our eyes that lubricate the eyes and keep them hydrated are rinsed when swimming, ensuring dry eyes that can only make the eye situation worse.

Is there any way it can be done in a safe way?

Yes, you can relish a good satisfying and satiating dip with your contacts on. Buy contact lenses online and get daily disposable lenses at the best price point and enjoy the summer/pool season to the fullest. The best thing about daily disposable lenses in that you don’t have to clean or disinfect them, just throw them away when you are done with your swimming. If daily disposables are not for you then things are a little more complicated for you, but not impossible. Firstly, wear goggles when you go inside that will give some coverage. After that make sure to let in sit in the lens solution for at-least 24 hours to be sure that all the bacteria is now killed. Also try to alternate between glasses or another pair of lens to be completely sure.

Just be a little more compassionate about your eyes by taking these precautionary measures to have a great summer.

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