​Causes of tearing contact lenses

2nd Jul 2021

Have you ever had an embarrassing experience with a torn lens?

Why the hell?! Did the lens rip without my knowledge?

Cause 1. Lens case cap

In many cases, the convex part of the lens is stored with the convex side facing down. At this time, the lens is often torn by being caught in the gap in the case lid opening and closing process.

Cause 2. Careless cleaning of the lens

Sharp fingernails can tear the lenses while cleaning and rubbing them.

Cause 3. Lens removal habits

The habit of pulling with your fingernails when removing lenses can cause damage and tearing of the lenses.

If so! How to properly store lenses to avoid tearing them?

After filling the lens case about 2/3 with the solution, make sure that the convex side of the lens is up and the lens sinks all the way, and then close the cap!

Please be careful when wearing torn lenses as they are uncomfortable to wear and may cause damage to your eyes!