Clalen O2O2 Color M lenses are recommended for wearing in all colors and comfortable to wear.

17th Feb 2022

Clalen lenses have long been known for being comfortable to wear..

A brand specializing in contact lenses, with Model Suzy, it quickly emerged as a contact lens brand.

Currently, JYP's female idol ITZY, who is Suzy's junior, is the model.

From functional lenses to color lenses, based on lens technology,

Clalen, which has a diverse lineup of lenses, has decided(=determine) to launch Oxygen color contact lens O2O2 Color M lens (O2O2 Color M lens)

The Clalen O2O2 Color M lens with good fit consists of two lineups, Misty / Natural, and is released in a total of 5 colors.

Misty Series - Misty Khaki EX, Misty Gray EX, in profound and mysterious colors that are good to wear on special days.

Natural series - Natural Gray EX, Natural Brown EX, Natural Chocolate EX suitable for daily lenses with soft and subtle colors.

As a one-month lens, it has excellent oxygen transfer rate and is as comfortable to wear as a one-day lens.

Natural Brown and Natural Gray have G.D (=Graphic Diameter) 12.7mm.The other three colors have G.D 12.8mm.

Judging from the graphic diameter alone, it is a very daily lens, and people with large pupils may find it a bit boring.

It was just the right graphic diameter for me, who usually wears iris lenses and prefers G.D 13mm~13.2mm.

The Misty series graphic diameter is 12.8mm, which is small compared to the colorful graphic design, so it was good not to feel burdened.

If the graphic design is fancy(=showy) and the diameter is large, it is really burdensome.


before wearing lenses

Clalen O2O2 Color M Misty Khaki EX

Clalen O2O2 Color M Misty Gray EX

Clalen O2O2 Color M Natural Gray EX

Clalen O2O2 Color M Natural Brown EX

Clalen O2O2 Color M Natural Chocolat EX

I've worn all of the Clalen O2O2 series, but the one that looked most natural to my eyes was Natural Chocolat.The graphic color and my eye color were almost the same, so there was no big difference.

In the case of Misty Khaki, it felt a little reptile to me, but it seems to have a very different feel depending on makeup, clothes, and color matching.

Misty Gray is better than I thought...? what I liked the most was the natural gray.

My skin tone overall is a power warm tone, but When wearing natural gray gives me a slightly neutral tone.

The reason I only wear one-day lenses is that maintenance is cumbersome, but there is a big difference in fit and dryness.

However, the Clalen O2O2 Color M lenses were as comfortable to wear as any other one-day lenses and there was no foreign body feeling.

Lenses are priced at $15 per pack.