Claren Astra Estelle lenses! It is a color lens that shines brightly according to the gaze!

24th Jun 2021

Claren Astra Estelle lenses!

At that time, Suzy was working as a model for Claren, so she wore lenses from that brand a lot. There are many products that are also known as resin lenses!

But Astra Estelle is a name I've never heard of, but it looks pretty because Suzy is wearing it, so I bought a resin lens...

The Claren Astra Estelle is a one-day lens and comes in two colors, brown and gray. I wore the gray that Suzy wore.


When I bought it, I thought it was a pearl lens with shiny pearls-?!

Astra Estelle Brown is Brown + Gold Pearl

Gray is gray + silver pearl.

It is a color lens that shines brightly according to the gaze!

It was very unique.

Voila! I feel like this when I wear it

Depending on the angle of the light and the movement of the eyes, it was very pretty.

I think I can see why Suzy had a particularly flashy picture that day.

A lens that looks great when the flash explodes!

It is very comfortable to wear because it is a Claren that I trust and use!

If you are a fan of iris lenses or a fan of gray lenses, I think you will be satisfied.

If it's a disappointment, it doesn't seem to go well with a face without makeup.

Still, I don't say it's too flashy or doesn't go well with my usual makeup, so I wear it often.