Claren O2O2 Color M’ released an advertisement video with ITZY It captures the special features of 'oxygen color contact lenses' with a cheerful atmosphere.

25th Jan 2021

Representative of Interojo, a manufacturer specializing in contact lenses (CEO No Si-cheol), released an advertisement video with the brand Clalen with ITZY.

This advertisement video, released in line with the launch of the new product'Claren O2O2 Color M', presents the appearance of ITZY who meets oxygen bubbles and enjoys them with a light pastel tone.

As vitality and elasticity depend on the amount of oxygen supplied to the skin, it emphasized that sufficient oxygen must be supplied to the eyes, and effectively delivered the message of 'oxygen color contact lenses' that satisfy both health and beauty to color lens users.

The Claren O2O2 Color M featured in the video is a 'premium color contact lens' that not only obtains a high oxygen transfer rate (Dk/t 108 @-3.00), but also provides a comfortable fit by applying a wettability improvement technology while being a silicone hydrogel material.

In the commercial video, Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna wore three kinds of 'natural' series (Natural Brown EX, Natural Gray EX, Natural Chocolat EX) that create natural and beautiful eyes in everyday life with soft and subtle colors. and 'Misty' that create subtle and mysterious colors

Each member was fantastically matched with the lenses worn, boasting the charms of each member, and caught the eye with irreplaceable eyes.

Two commercial videos of ITZY, which showed off their charm with Claren O2O2 Color M, can be seen on Claren's official webpage, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and digital advertisements.

Eui-kyung Choi, Vice President of Interrojo's sales and marketing, said, “This ad video seems to better express the strengths of Clarence O2O2 Color M, which satisfies both eye health and beauty with ITZY, who boasts a variety of charms. We are preparing a variety of activities so that we can solidify our position as a popular color contact lens brand with the popular girl group ITZY, so we ask for your interest.”

On the other hand, ITZY is planning to simultaneously release its first English album, “Not Shy (English Ver.),” on the 22nd, and start global activities as a “fourth generation representative girl group”.