Color lenses that make unusual makeup more stylish!

23rd Jun 2021

Color lenses that make unusual makeup more stylish!

✔Silhouette color lenses in one word are #selfie lenses ‼️

It's such a pretty lens for taking selfies

Silhouette Hazel: When you take a selfie, your eyes are really pretty

It's a lens that surprised me when I took it :)

If you want to take pictures of the day, you won't regret it if you choose Silhouette Hazel.

✔Color: Hazelnut Center -> Brown -> Circle Line Dark Brown

It is a light hazelnut color with a soft feel.

With a moderately visible color, the eyes look clear and pretty✔

Silhouette Olive Brown: Hard to find anywhere It's a unique color

"You and I" don't have a favorite lens color.

It is said to be a lens made while looking around overseas lenses.

✔Color: Olive -> Brown and gray feeling ->

Circle line dark gray

When you wear it, olive + brown + gray

You will fall in love with the mysterious color ✔

Silhouette gray: great color development, a lot of whiteness

light gray lenses

Those who like colorful lenses will really like it.

✔Color: Green -> Light Gray -> Circle Line Dark Gray

I like the Silhouette Gray lenses the most!

Unlike regular gray lenses, there is a green color in the center.

When I buy trendy products, I really liked it because it felt like I followed the trend but added my own style ><