13th Dec 2019

It is a known fact that different people react differently to different situations and changes. Weather, for example, can bring a lot of joy and fun for many people but for some people, it can be a real tiresome ordeal to adjust in new weather. People with eyesight issues suffer the most from these weather changes. If you wear contact lenses or you are planning to replace your eyeglasses with contact lenses, there are some precautions and measurements regarding weather changes that you must take into consideration before you embark on this journey to buy contact lenses online or from an optometrist. There are many contact lenses with different benefits from hard glass lenses to soft hydrogel and silicone hydrogel contact lenses.

Dusty and windy weather:

If you ask a contact lens wearer or if you wear contact lenses yourself, you would agree that dust is the most irritating factor of all. When climate changes and fast winds start to blow the concentration of dust in the air increases that can be a real problem for you regardless of what you wear a pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses. People that wear eyeglasses are less prone to get high dust deposits in their eyes as compared to contact lenses. The best way to stay away from dust is by wearing sunglasses in outdoor during windy days. You don’t want to switch from contact lenses to bulky eyeglasses just due to a couple of windy weeks

Hot summer days:

Summer brings with it a lot of fun and delightful activities. You can finally get out of a pile of layers and feel free in a cool summer breeze. But this weather gets severe in some areas very quickly. Contact lenses are moisturized to avoid any irritation, that is why they are soaked in contact lens solution overnight so they can absorb an ample amount of moisture. During hot summer days, the moisture in contact lenses dries pretty quickly causing irritation. Doctors and health experts advise people to drink lots of water during summer days, which is very helpful for contact lens wearers. Moreover, if you feel the need, you should consult your doctor and use eye drops to keep your lenses moist.

Cold and dry winter weather:

Winter is here and everyone is busy buying gifts and decorating their houses for the holiday season. Colored contact lenses can be a great gift for your fashion-oriented friend or family member. As you wear contact lenses you don’t have to worry about the fog on your contacts, a problem very common among eyeglass wearers. In cold and festive weather try to reduce your alcohol intake to the minimum and drink a healthy amount of water. As the weather gets severe outside, we will see a lot of external means to warm the interiors like radiators, gas and electric heaters, and wood-burning fireplaces. If you wear contact lenses try to avoid sitting near or directly in front of the heating devices because they cause dry eyes. Wear an extra layer instead of sitting next to the fire. 

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