14th Nov 2019

As we are entering into the festive season of holidays, we get closer to parties, gatherings, and other celebrations. If you have an eyesight problem and you are getting ready for any party whether Christmas or Thanks Giving, everyone will advise you to go for lenses. They add class and grace to your look, plus they give you many choices like circle lenses and colored lenses and you can buy contact lenses online easily.

Although contacts give you a mesmerizing look, they require care and caution as well. These parties usually extend late night that can be worrying for contact lens wearers. Dry eyes due to over wearing the contact lenses and being careless can cause serious damage to your eyes.

This does not mean that you can’t enjoy your special nights, all you need is a bit of cautious and care you can have a dreamy night with your family and friends.

Be careful when applying makeup:

No party is complete without makeup, especially for women. Colored contact lenses and circle lenses add glamour and awe to your look. When applying makeup make sure to keep a few things in mind to have a lovely evening without any irritation.

The best and the most advised practice is to wear contact lenses before applying makeup. Make sure that you wash your hands with soap and dry them completely before applying the contact lenses. Always opt for oil-free makeup especially eye makeup. When buying makeup make sure to ask for the makeup that is suitable for contact lenses. A great way to avoid any discomfort is by applying a primer first. Doctors always emphasize on wearing mascara without fiber. When applying mascara avoid going to the bottom of the eyes.

One thing that all ophthalmologists agree is to avoid using eyeliner. It is applied on the inner side of the eyelashes on the oil glands that are responsible for moisturizing the eyes. Eyeliner blocks these openings and causes dry eyes.

Be fully equipped:

The suggested time to wear contact lenses is about 12-14 hours. If you wear contact lenses the entire day, make sure that you have a spare set of contact lenses at hand. If you feel irritation in your eyes the best way is to replace your contacts but you can also use moisturizing eye drops.

To dry eyes keep yourself hydrated and lay back on the alcohol. This sounds easy when saying but difficult when you are enjoying with friends but a little care goes a long way.

Don’t forget to rest your eyes:

It is very important to rest your eyes after a long day and fun but a tiring night. That is why it is important to take off your contact lenses when you get home. Don’t forget the same routine in the reverse course when taking off makeup. Take off your contact lenses before removing makeup and don’t forget to wash and dry your hands before doing so.

If you are using daily disposable lenses make sure that you take them off before you go to bed. Some people use weakly and monthly lenses, they must take them off, clean and store them away in an air-tight container.

If you follow these minor instructions and consider these precautions, you are bound to have a wonderful night with your family and friends while looking gorgeous. 

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