How Does Poor Eyesight Affect the Personality of Your Child?

23rd Sep 2020

Optimal vision and healthy eyes are essential for everyone’s life but for school going kids it’s absolutely fundamental. It’s a critical part of their development, which shouldn’t be taken nonchalantly. Eye examinations must be conducted on a regular basis and should be a part of a child's routine medical care. So that any vision problem or eye disease can be spotted on an early stage. Parents have high hopes for their children to have a happy, healthy life. They continue to grow and strive for a better, brighter future. They want them to be competitive, successful and prosperous in all parts of life. Learning is an ongoing process of life and healthy eyesight is important on every step. Cheap colored contacts that are easily accessible can be used for vision correction. Glasses are also a very effective way to aid in vision amendment.

Weak eyesight signs to look out in a youngster

There are signs you should watch out for, to spot any vision impairment in your young one and trust me there would be plenty if you are vigilant. Squinting of the eyes can tweak the vision a little for kids with myopia (nearsightedness). Watch them when they are watching T.V or trying to concentrate on anything. Another hint that you can pick up is the frequently tilting and turning of the head, in order to alleviate the strained eye muscles. Covering one eye which is the “bad eye” and using the “better eye” is also a strong intimation of amblyopia. Ignoring this condition can result in permanent eye loss.

Focusing on something can fatigue the eyes and impulses the kid to rub the eye. Look for how frequently he/she does it, can be an eye allergy or deficiency in vision. If the young one shows any of the signs for a considerable time then wait no more, get the eyesight checked by an eye care professional. Availability of spectacles and contact lenses online is a reliable source for vision correction.

Children’s behavioral problems can be attributed to vision issues, especially if left undiagnosed. Eyesight is so strongly linked with learning that ignoring any of the signs stated above can have strong repercussions. Eyesight problems can affect the personality of a child in a huge way, so it’s imperative to have a close eye on the little bread crumbs they lay for us. Here are some changes in the behavior of a child due to poor eyesight.

Cognitive ability is affected

Visually compromised individual’s cognitive ability is affected badly and they will have difficulty adjusting to the environment. Low in confidence due to their disturbed learning they will have difficulty in doing adaptive tasks.


A school going kid can’t afford an absent-minded attitude, but a compromised vision is a big hurdle between his learning process and attention span. Frequently disturbing the class with tantrums and talking non-stop to hide the weakness is a common maneuver. Teachers don’t have good views about the child and parents enforce a strict timetable to upgrade the grades. With all this pressure and negativity the child succumbs and gives up. Teachers and parents should work together for a solution if this change in attitude is recent.


A visually compromised kid will try to move around as sitting in one place and trying to concentrate can strain the eyes and produce headaches. To avoid this terrible state the young one will be fidgeting and twiddling from one place to another. Evading home tasks and circumventing reading will be more recurrent.

Poor hand-eye coordination

Eyesight is crucial for a growing-up kid as a lot of the daily activities demand an optimal vision. Be it the instructions given by the teacher, a ball thrown at to in recess or any everyday chore; all of them need good hand-eye synchronization. With a poor vision these easy and routine tasks will become monumental, thus making the child easily frustrated, agitated, discouraged, and low-in-confidence all the time.

Not performing up to the potential, stresses over assignments, lies about tasks and poor comprehension, are all strong indications of a poor eyesight. The sheer fear of disappointment and failure can result in questionable behavior. As exasperation mounts, these behaviors intensify anger, lack of self-confidence, poor self-esteem, bullying fellows and brawling. Watch out for your loved one before it’s too late.