How to solve lens foreign body sensation when wearing contact lenses

29th Apr 2021

Occasionally, when you wear contact lenses, your eyes may hurt due to a foreign body sensation in the lenses.

The upper eyelid keeps closing due to a foreign body sensation, and tears pour out.

In this case, clean your hands and remove the lens to check for foreign substances.

A small piece of dust can hurt as if your eyes are plucked.

If dust is found, you can immediately remove it with saline and use.

If you occasionally feel a foreign body even though there is no dust, please check if the lens is upside down. If you use the lens upside down, you may feel a severe foreign body feeling.

If there are no foreign substances on the lens and the lens is put on right away and you feel a foreign body sensation, you should suspect dry eye syndrome or contamination of the lens. In this case, take urgent measures with artificial tears, and if it persists, the best way is to consult a specialist. If the lens is contaminated, please replace it with a new lens.