Misconceptions and truths about wearing lenses

21st May 2021

Misconceptions and truths about wearing lenses

The reason for the sore eyes

An experience in which eyes were uncomfortable while using the lens,

Anyone who has worn lenses must have experienced it!

What if your eyes are sore and sore as soon as you put them on???

There are so many reasons why your eyes are sore and sore, so don't just assume that there is a problem with the lens!

In that case, check the '3 checklist' to see if there are any mistakes in your usual lens habits!!

01. Hand hygiene check

Did you wash your hands after applying skin care products?

Did you wear lenses after eye makeup?

Did you wear the lens with moisture on your hand?

If you didn't keep any one, that's why your precious eyes were sore and uncomfortable!!

Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly and wear the lenses in a dry, dry condition!

02. Lens solution check

What if the last time the lens solution stored in the lens case was replaced is near...?

What if 3 months have passed since you opened the multipurpose care solution you are using...?

What if the pH of the freshly bought solution doesn't suit my eyes...?

Lens solution that was considered insignificant!

The lens solution that stores and cleans the lens can also affect the fit of the lens, so please check it!!

03. Eye condition check

"Thanks God It’s Friday”

You who enjoyed Friday all night with a friend!

You who haven't properly erased the dark eye makeup!

You watched YouTube on your smartphone all day long!

If you overwork your eyes like this, your eyes will become dry and your lenses will inevitably be uncomfortable~~

The day before wearing the lens, please pay more attention to good eye condition!