Poor eye condition that makes wearing lenses uncomfortable.

12th May 2021

There are days when the lenses are uncomfortable due to exceptionally dry and stiff eyes???
Did you get a good night's sleep the day before?
Wasn't the surrounding environment dry?
Have you looked at your computer screen all day?

KLENSPOP will summarize the factors that affect your eye condition.
01 Isn't it the pleasure of life to lie in bed and watch YouTube?
However, excessive use of electronic devices such as computers, televisions, and cell phones reduces the number of blinks.

Our eyes produce tears through blinking, so reducing the number of blinks inevitably makes our eyes drier!This dry eye is inevitably uncomfortable when wearing lenses the next day!

02 If you are exposed to a dry environment for a long time, such as using a heater and air conditioner for a long time, tears will evaporate and your eyes will become more dry.Then, the foreign body and stiffness of the lens may become worse!

03 If you stay up all night, the tear film is quickly destroyed due to insufficient sleep time, and the amount of tear secretion decreases, making your eyes more dry.

If your eyes get dry, your lenses will inevitably become uncomfortable, right?
The fact that if the eye condition is bad, the wearing comfort of the lens is also bad!
If your lenses are uncomfortable these days, please pay more attention to improve your eye condition.
You will be able to feel a much better, lens fit.