Summer Makeup Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

9th Sep 2020

Wearing contact lenses is a levitating experience which sets you free of all the things holding you back. There is no frame resting on your nose and even with an impaired vision you can feel perfectly normal. Neither are contacts a hurdle in wearing make-up, sunglasses nor in any other way, like glasses can be a nuisance. No impediment means you can now play and experiment as much as you like with your looks, makeup and style. Summertime calls for pool parties, barbecues, gaming and movie nights, and dinners with friends and family, in order to fully enjoy one has to be confident about how they look. For that it is essential to rock looks that set you apart from the crowd. Colored eye contacts can elevate any appearance and the right summer colors look amazing with the right cocktail and sundresses.

Contact lenses demand high care and hygiene, there mustn’t be any doubt about it. Failing to do so can lead to serious eye problems, infections and allergies which are not only painful but expensive and time consuming as well. Hygiene becomes even more pivotal when makeup comes into play; eye makeup is a common source of problem in contact lens wearers. But anything can be taken care of if you are cautious and determined. You don’t have to sacrifice on your summer time looks, after all the fun times are finally here!

In this article I will give you a complete guideline on the most suitable makeup for contact lens wearers and also tips and tricks that can help you avoid any kind of inconvenience.

Makeup Do’s and Don’ts

Make sure to insert you contact lenses with clean hands before applying any moisturizer, cream or lotion. It should be the first step in your makeup regime as nothing is worse then having something on your contacts for all day long. Putting lenses after you have done your makeup means that there will be some residue of makeup left on your finger tips that can go in or makeup could have entered your eyes and will be stuck there if you wear lens on top. This rule should be followed religiously.

Two-thirds of the contact lens wearers are women; as a result many cosmetic and skincare companies are making products that are compatible with sensitive skins and contact lens wearers. Search for buzzwords like paraben-free, oil-free, fragrance free, hypoallergenic, dermatological and ophthalmologist tested or approved. I know these are an overwhelming amount of words which are difficult to pronounce and hard to remember. The good part is most of the products have three or more of these properties already.

Now all the lens wearers know how fragile and delicate the contacts are, they also know that while doing makeup a certain amount of pressure has to be exerted. The solution for this is to use brushes and not your fingertips. Eye brushes come in a variety for smaller bristles to fluffier ones. They are lightweight and small enough to tackle any area; they also provide you control and precision which fingertips fail at. Another tip is to always wash your brushes before and after use, yes before as well. I know it can be extremely hard for someone with a tight morning schedule but a little discipline and diligence can make it possible and your contacts and eyes will thank you!

If you find that any product causes irritation, redness or itchiness; discard it immediately. Look for the ingredients used in it and avoid buying products that have the same. Always buy good quality products and by that I don’t mean to spend a fortune on ostentatious products. Look for the products that have a good rapport with contacts, take help from the sales person.

Contact lens wearers should be reluctant to share products such as mascaras, brushes and eye shadows. These are all eye related products and can transfer bacteria and cause infections. Trying makeup before buying is a ritual we all follow studiously, either take your own tools or ask for disposable ones to evade any problem later.

Here is a fun tip from my side, if you really want to set the bar high with your summertime looks then try Korean contact lenses in different color versions. There are many kinds of tints available to give a natural look to completely transforming your persona. Last tip I have for you is to remove your contacts before wiping off your makeup. As told before, there shouldn’t be any pressure exerted on contacts and makeup removing needs. After removing the lenses disinfect them and store them in the case. The best solution is to wear disposable lenses to avoid all hassle especially if you are an avid makeup user.

The Right Makeup for Contact Lens Wearers

Primer according to me the first step when doing makeup close to your eyes, as it sets the base right. It gives eyes that tackiness and adhesive to bond everything coming on top. Eye shadows must be cream based or pressed powers, loose powder ones can easily enter your eyes. The best ones are cream eyeshadows which come in a wide variety now, if not then at least go for pressed ones. Opt for colored eye contacts with eye shadows for a distinctive look.

Prefer liquid eyeliner over the pencil ones, I know liquid ones are tricky and need practice and precision. But the liquid eye lines glide onto the eyes without any unwanted pressure. On the other hand pencil eyeliners need compression to give a good color pay off. Also steer clear of water lining or tight lining your eyes with eye pencils or kohl. As the step needs to put pressure on your eyes and it comes in direct contact with the eyes and the contacts.

Choose mascara that doesn’t flake; now that is going to be a task. As mascara is meant to give volume and length you have to apply layers to achieve it, mascara can clump and inadvertently get into your eyes. So make sure to invest in good mascara as wearing false lashes is also not a valid option while wearing contacts as falsies need glue and that can get you in troubled waters.

Follow these tips and tricks to save you from the visits at an eye doctor and enjoy your summer parties with confidence.