Tips for Buying Contact Lens Online | Colored Contact Lenses

8th Oct 2019

Are you looking to buy contact lenses online?
There are a couple of things that you need to know before you buy contact lenses online.

Doctor's prescription: It starts with the doctor's prescription. There is no way around it. But getting a prescription from a doctor doesn't mean you are bound to buy your contact lenses from your doctor. The only time you might not need a doctor's prescription is when you are buying contact lenses for fancy purposes like Cosplays.

Grey Market:

A prescription can help you distinguish between a grey market vendor and a quality vendor. A quality vendor will always ask for a doctor's prescription before letting you order. Grey market companies offer products at extremely low rates with minimum requirements. These things will alert you that you are not buying from a legitimate vendor.

Prescription renewal:

Once you acquire a prescription from a doctor, it expires over time and requires renewal. Renewing a contact lens can be hectic, but luckily there are online eye tests for your convenience.


A misconception among people is that you can't use your insurance to buy contact lenses online. Many insurance packages allow you to buy contact lenses online, even out of range. By using your insurance, you can buy the best colored contact lenses online at further cheaper rates.

Opaque or colored contact lenses:

The next step is to decide whether you want to buy opaque or colored contact lenses. It all depends on your choice. Colored contact lenses are the perfect choice if you are a party person. This is another benefit of buying colored contact lenses online as online companies have a wide range of colors in comparison to when you buy from a doctor.

Contact lens solutions:

The last probable step in your journey to buy contact lenses online is to choose which contact lens solution is suitable for you. Many people go for a Hydrogen Peroxide solution instead of an all-purpose contact lens solution. A good contact lens solution is essential as it disinfects the lenses and is very important to remove the impurities and protein build-up on the lenses, which can be very hazardous for your eyes.

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