Tips for wearing comfortable contact lenses!

22nd Jun 2021

Do you want to have both a comfortable fit and oxygen permeability?

There are many ways that oxygen can be delivered to the eye even if it is not a silicone lens.


1. Follow the recommended lens wear time (up to 8 hours)

Please keep the lens wearing time for up to 8 hours.

If you wear the lenses for too long, the moisture in the lenses will dry out and the attachment of foreign substances will increase.

If this happens, the oxygen permeability of the lens decreases, and redness and dryness of the eyes may occur.

2. Meticulous lens cleaning

Thorough cleaning by rubbing the lens can reduce oxygen permeability due to foreign substances and improve the fit.

Just immersing the lens in the cleaning solution will never clean it!

And when cleaning by rubbing with your fingers, be sure to rub in one direction for 20 seconds!

Complete cleaning completes a clean and moist lens surface

3. Use a lens moisturizer

Lens moisturizer for your precious eyes, Cushion Drop!

Remove foreign substances from the lens surface with a lens moisturizer and finish with a moisturizing coating.

You can feel much more comfortable wearing the lenses!

4. Blink frequently

Cell phone and computer use reduces the number of blinks.

Our eyes produce tears when we blink, and these tears play a decisive role in removing debris that has accumulated on the lens surface!

So, you have to blink your eyes consciously and often so that the tears don't dry out and the lenses can be kept clean.