Why Eyes Get Watery With Contact Lenses

18th Apr 2020

Humans are emotional and tend to react pretty quickly to certain occurrences. When they are happy they laugh and when they are sad they mostly cry, one thing that is common in both is tears, tears of joy and tears of sorrow. It is a normal reaction, when we laugh very hard or when we cry our tear ducts open and tears come pouring out. Watery eyes are normal in these conditions but it gets worrying when your eyes get watery for no apparent reason. It can happen to people that wear colored contact lenses, Plano, eyeglasses or even people with no vision problem. The teary eyes are pretty common in people that wear contact lenses because they are more prone to getting allergies and other problems.

One of the most common and obvious reasons for teary eyes is the change in weather conditions. If you wear contact lenses during dry months of fall, your chances of getting watery eyes are very common it can be due to many reasons. The change in humidity, pollen levels, or simply due to dry eyes as the moisture dries off in the fall. Tears are the defense mechanism of your eyes like a fever. When there is a problem with your eyes they produce tears to fight back. Tears are not just water it is a mixture of many things that help fight small problems.

It might sound counterintuitive but eyes get watery when they get dry. When moisture dries out the eye overcompensate it by creating an excess of tears. As mentioned before tears are made up of different elements, an imbalance of these elements can cause them to flow continuously.

Overwearing the contact lenses can also cause dry eyes and as a result, they get watery. The eyes need to breathe and if we wear contact lenses for long periods of time they don’t get enough oxygen and as a result, they end up drying and the excess of tears comes pouring out. Sometimes the makeup particles get stuck behind the contact lenses that can lead to blocking the tearing glands. It develops styes in the eyes and that can also cause red eyes, inflammation, infection, and watery eyes. The best way to solve this problem is by applying a warm washcloth on the eye or microwaveable eye mask to unblock the glands.

The size of the contact lenses is very important. If your contact lenses are not properly sized they will cause scratches and discomfort to your eyes. This can cause a simple problem like blurred vision, watery and red eyes or in severe cases can be very painful and can cause serious vision problems.

The best approach is to wear soft silicone hydrogel contact lenses and switch to daily disposable contact lenses. They are more breathable and soft on the eyes and can really help with the watering issue. If your conditions get worse it is best to consult an ophthalmologist and check whether there is an underlying cause. 

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