Freedom380 (Blocking Blue light Clear lens )

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DIA 14.2mm
BC 8.6mm
Using Period Daily
Water Content 55ï¼?/strong>
Power [SPH] -0.50ï½?6.00(0.25Step)
Manufacturer INTEROJO
 Origin  KOREA
 Package 2 pcs (1 pairs) all of the same power 
per box. Please order 2 boxes if you have different power for each eye.

Interojo Freedom380 Blocking Blue light Clear lens
Nowadays, PC monitors, mobile phones, tablets, and other electronic devices cannot be removed from everyday life!
So we have to care for blocking the blue light which is increasingly harmful to our eyes.
Never before,
Finally, the blue light blocking disposable contact lens was developed for the first time in the world !!!


 It is a lens made by Interojo company which is renowned for Suzy lenses.
The name is Clarence One Day Freedom 380.
The name seems to mean blue light, or 380 nanometers, which is the beginning of blue light.


??What is blue light?
-It has a short wavelength (380 ~ 500nm) in the visible light region and has strong energy

??Blue light double-sided
-380 ~ 460nm is harmful wavelength, Poor eyesight, tired eyes, and dry eyes

??But460 ~ 500nm beneficial wavelength
Melatonin-activated cells
24-hour biocycle rhythm & health maintenance of ipRGCs (photosensitive retinal ganglion cells)
Essential for proper biocirculation (sleep, depression)
In other words, the wavelength of blue light harmful to us is 380 ~ 460nm.
Above that wavelength (460 ~ 500nm) is a beneficial wavelength that is necessary for our body.



The feature of this one-day lens is that it blocks only the parts that are harmful to the eyes.
It is very good news that contact lenses and disposable lenses have blue light blocking function.


• Optical part yellow color printing to block blue light
• Optimum optical part printing outer diameter 8mm applied
Covers the pupil's maximum size (when dark)
Maintains aesthetics with a color area smaller than the size of the iris


In fact, when you open the lens and look at the lens, you can see that the pupil is slightly yellow.
Of course, it is not noticeable when you wear them.
Also, unlike glasses, vertex distance is zero, so the blocking effect is greater!


The hydrophilicity is very good compared to the previous product line.
The dryness has been greatly improved, making it a product with both functionality and fit.

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