Q6 Glasses Automatic Washing Machine

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[ Q6. Glasses automatic washing machine ]
Oil stains and dust on the spectacle lenses are not easily removed no matter how much you wipe with a spectacle cloth.
This is a very useful product for those who are burdened and bothered by going to an optician to wash their glasses.
With the height of two glasses case, it is very portable and easy to store.
It is a product that can be used anytime, anywhere thanks to the one-touch method of easy use and excellent cleaning power.
Batteries require 2 AAA batteries.

[ How to use ]
1. Insert the batteries into the automatic eyeglass cleaner.
2. Fill the washer 3/2 full with water.
3. Put the glasses in the washing machine.
4. Raise the power switch.
*One time is recommended for about 2 minutes, but it is recommended to wear it after operating 1 or 2 more times separately due to the degree of pollution.

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