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What better way to switch to a more stylish and chic look than by changing the color of the eyes. Well, how would you feel you could not only change the color but the size of your eyes as well? Good right…?

Circle lenses are a form of cosmetic lenses developed to make your eyes look larger. They are the easiest way to bring a dramatic and elegant touch to your look. Circle lenses come with the ultimate power to allow the wearer to bewitch their audience by just looking at them.

These colored contact lenses are a useful cosmetic accessory with a dual effect, change the color and the size of the eyes at the same time. The usual size of the contact lenses is about 14-16mm and circle contact is also no larger than 15mm for healthy eyes. When circle contact lenses are described as 16-18mm, it is the illusion that they create, not the actual size of the contacts. Circle contact lenses are tinted not only on the iris but to the outer limbal ring as well. This makes the eyes look bigger than their normal size. These contact lenses are transparent in the middle to provide a clear and clean view of the wearer.

Circle lenses are a complete package for your eyes, with them you have the ultimate ability to look like anyone. KlensPop is a quality contact lens provider that offers a huge collection of cosmetic and prescribed contact lenses from circle to colored. We have contact lenses for almost every occasion. You can rock any gathering with our top-quality circle contact lenses. KlensPop comes with the convenience of allowing you to buy contact lenses online at any time and from anywhere. We have a complete range of circle contacts from dailies to weakly to monthly.

Some people might think that it is harmful to your eyes because it makes them larger, but the reality is completely opposite of that. Circle lenses are just as safe as any other contact lens whether cosmetic or prescribed. They make your eyes look bigger by creating an illusion, the real size of the eyes remains the same. The precautions associated with circle contact lenses are the same as others. If you have good hygiene and don’t have sensitive eyes, you have nothing to worry about. Remember to wash your hands and dry them before wearing and taking off circle eye contacts to prevent any bacteria from getting attached to the lenses. If you are getting ready for some party or a cosplay show, the best approach is to wear contact lenses before applying and removing makeup.

Although it is a good habit to have your eyes checked and get a prescription for contact lenses but for cosmetic circle lenses you don’t necessarily need one. You can buy circle contacts from KlensPop without any prescription and have them delivered to your doorstep. So which one of our contact lenses would you like to try on?