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FAQs for Our Online Store

Replacement / Non-Replacement Policy

Q: What's your replacement policy for defective products?
If a product delivered within 7 days is found defective in its SEALED bottle (torn, misshapen, or expired lens), it can be returned or replaced. Please inspect the lens while still sealed before opening. Once exposed to sunlight, lens defects are easily detectable.

Q: What are the non-replacement scenarios?
We do not replace products due to:
1. Discomfort or bad wearing sensation.
2. Color variation from manufacturing, temperature, or humidity.
3. Damage caused by customer's carelessness after opening.

Q: Can I get a refund if the packaged lens box is damaged?
Refunds aren’t available for a damaged outer box. However, if the inner plastic packaging leaks, we'll refund for the affected lenses.


Return / Resend / Exchange Policy

Q: What should I know about your return and exchange policy?
1. Customers cover return shipping costs.
2. Re-shipping also incurs charges for the customer.
3. Exchanges are only for products in a re-sellable, unopened condition.
Note: We might refuse complaints after our grace period. Non-defect complaints are handled individually.
For K-packet shipments not received within 45 days of shipment, we offer a full refund or express re-shipment.


Cancellation / Refund Policy

Q: How can I cancel or get a refund?
Inform us immediately if you wish to cancel after payment and before shipping. Post-shipping cancellations aren't possible until we get the product back. For returns due to wrong addresses or unclaimed parcels, we'll deduct shipping charges from your refund. For K-packets not received within 45 days post-sending, you'll get a full refund or express re-shipment.


How to Return

Q: How do I return a product?
1. Email us at with your issue, order number, and item(s) you wish to return.
2. We'll provide our return address and needed information.
3. Use your country's postal service for returns. Choose an affordable shipping option, without minding delivery time.
Note: We're based in South Korea and don't provide international return labels.


Return Shipping Costs

Q: Who pays for the return shipping?
- If our error: Klenspop covers the cost. You pay upfront and send us the receipt. We'll refund you or give store credit.
- If your error: You bear the cost.
All returns must be approved by Klenspop first. Unauthorized returns may not get refunds or exchanges.


Q: Why has shipping been impacted by COVID-19?

Due to the impact of The Corona Virus 19, the standard shipping service might be delayed than usual. To mitigate this issue, we have shifted to the express DHL service for all countries. Please take excellent care of yourself during these times.


Q: What are the details of Express Shipping?

- Shipped by FEDEX or DHL
- Worldwide Shipping
- Delivery Fees: $21
- Delivery Period: 2~6 days (Delays can occur due to stock availability, holidays, weather, natural disasters, etc.)
- For orders above $110, DHL shipping is free.
- Check shipping costs and delivery times at checkout.
- We subsidize $5 of the DHL shipping cost, making it only $21 for our customers.
- Please ensure to provide your phone number for shipping.


Q: What about International Mail (Economy mail) shipping?

- Delivery Fees: $6.5
- Delivery Period: 10~30 days (Delays can occur for various reasons)
- Orders of $70 or above get free delivery.


Q: How can I track my order?

You will receive an email with a tracking number once your order ships. You can use this tracking number on various services like DHL, FEDEX, EMS (KOREA POST), K-PACKET (KOREA POST), etc., depending on your chosen shipping method.


Q: When will I get my tracking number?

The tracking number isn't immediately available after placing the order. It usually becomes accessible 1-2 days after your order, notified via email or displayed in the "My account" section on our site when the shipment departs.


Q: What if my International Mail(USPS) tracking number isn't showing any updates?

If your tracking number doesn't show updates, don't worry. Your order is in transit to the local post office and should update in a few business days. USPS orders may take 10-15 business days for delivery and might not frequently update their tracking information.


Q: What precautions should I take for returning orders?

Please ensure that:

  • Someone is available to receive the package at the shipping address.
  • You provide a correct and complete address.

If these aren't met, packages might return to us. If so, you'll bear the re-shipping costs. Always track your packages to stay updated.

Track & Trace

Q: How do I find my tracking number?

Go to Your Account > Click on Your Orders > Your tracking number is located in the "Tracking link" section.


Q: How do I track my package?

With your tracking number in hand, you can use the following methods to track your package:

Q: When will I receive my tracking number?

The tracking number isn't immediately available after you place an order. It typically takes 1-2 days post-ordering for the tracking number to be provided, either through email or by logging into "My account" on our website. The number will be visible once the shipment has departed.


Q: What should I do if my International Mail(USPS) tracking number isn't updating?

If your International Mail(USPS) tracking number shows no updates, don't panic. The order is on its way and should be updated soon. Depending on your location, delivery might take 10-15 business days. It's worth noting that USPS tracking info isn't updated frequently, typically only updating near delivery or upon completion.