925 silver water drop hoop earring (celebrity style) wearing Han Bo Reum

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Origin: South Korea
Size: Length 24.5mm * Width 16.7mm

Material: 92.5 all silver
Color: gold, rose gold, silver
Package: 1pair

* Please refer to the detailed size as the size may be different from the product worn by celebrities. *

Jennyreve post are made from allergy-free material
The products we sell are nickel-free, titanium, 925 silver, etc. and have basic allergy prevention, but we cannot give you a definitive answer on allergic reactions due to individual differences.
If you have severe allergies, please purchase with caution.

925 Silver Post
925 silver post material has a soft property with a silver content of 92.5%.
It is a material that is almost free from allergens, and it could be bent If a force may occur during shipping or unpacking.
In the case of silver post, if they are not plated, there may be stains due to oxidation, which is a natural phenomenon and is not included in the cause of defects.

Titanium Post
Titanium material has better strength than silver post due to its characteristics, and it is dark because the part of post is not plated.
The appearance of dark stains and rust on the earring post is a characteristic of titanium material that omits the plating process, so please refer to the part that is harmless to the human body and is not defective.
It is one of the post materials with almost no allergy by using only safe electrodeposition anodizing and nickel-free plating, and it is a material with a good cost-effectiveness. Please note that allergic reactions may occur depending on individual differences.

Nickel-free plated Post
Nickel-free plating means rhodium plating without using nickel on the brass.
It is a post material without nickel, which causes allergy, from the metal components that make up jewelry. It has less luster than nickel plating, but it is the most used material for general accessories because it has less allergic reaction.
It is one of the post materials that prevent allergies, so please be aware that there may be allergic reactions depending on individual differences.


























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