Due to the impact of The Corona Virus 19
The standard shipping service might be delayed than usual.
To avoid this problem, we have selected the express DHL service to each country.
Please meet safer and faster service DHL from Klenspop.
Please take excellent care of yourself.


*DHL Express Shipping (No Delay)*

Worldwide Shipping
Delivery Fees $17 (The same shipping fee applies to all countries except the following countries)
-Chile $ 18,Slovenia $25, Turkey$20, Peru $21, Qatar $19
Delivery Period *2~6 days (there may be delays depending on stock availability, holidays, weather, natural disasters, etc)
Free DHL for over $110 SPENDING

You can check the shipping cost and delivery time when you check-out.

Existing DHL shipping cost is $24 , but Klenspop will pay $7 for our customs.
In other words, your product will be shipped via DHL at a $ 17 shipping cost. Klenspop is doing its best to ease the burden on your shipping costs.
Until the effects of the corona virus are over, Klenspop will continue to offer discounts on shipping fee.
When entering the shipping, please write the phone number. If you don't fill out phone number, we can't send it.

*International Mail (Economy mail) *
Only USA, Singapore possible for the shipping.
Delivery Fees $6.5 
Delivery Period *10~20 days (there may be delays depending on stock availability, holidays, weather, natural disasters, etc)
Free delivery for orders for $70 or abov.


Tracking Delivery


You'll get an email including a tracking number once your order has been shipped.
It may take 4~5 hours to be updated due to the international shipping.
Please contact us if you have any problems. 

Here is the link for tracking.

If you put your tracking number on the following link, you can track your package. 


*International Mail (Economy mail) 


Please be careful for returning.


1. Recipients or nobody receiving them instead of you at shipping address
2. Wrong & Insufficient address
In that cases, packages used to be returned. at that time, first please call or visit your local DHL and ask them to resend.
If you didn't any actions(ex : contact or visit), they would be returned to sender.
After they have returned to us, if you wanted us to resend, you should pay shipping fee, so please please consistently track your packages.
We are committed to your complete and total satisfaction.
Delivery time frames may vary depending on location. Please note that deliveries may be delayed during holidays.
For any inquiries, please contact our customer service center.