Why you should consider using one-day contact lenses!

31st May 2022

korean one day lenses

Contact lenses with different wear cycles!
One-day contact lenses, when combined with the appropriate lifestyle, offer many advantages over traditional daily wear lenses.

1. For those who usually wear glasses but wear contacts on special occasions, or for those who usually wear contacts but look for colored lenses when they want to stand out, one-day lenses are the most economical choice.

2. The type of person who wants to create a different look every day might not want to wear the same lenses for an entire month. One-day contact lenses, unlike two-week or one-month wear lenses, are worn for only one day and discarded. The use of several different types of one-day lenses on a daily basis is beneficial because of the variety.

3. Some people find daily lens-cleaning a hassle. However, with one-day lenses that do not require cleaning, even those who are bothered by cleaning lenses can wear clean lenses every day.

4. If you are a contact lens wearer, bring a one-day lens for short trips. This will reduce your luggage and make your body and mind lighter.

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