Actress 'Kang Min-ah' and choreographer 'Lea Kim' selected as CLALEN IRIS circle lenses ambassadors

3rd Feb 2021

Clalen, the representative brand of Interojo (CEO No Si-cheol), a manufacturer specializing in contact lenses, selected actress Kang Min-ah and choreographer Lia Kim as brand ambassadors.

Through this ‘Show Your True Beauty’ campaign, Claren is carrying out activities including a message of various natural personalities with oxygen colored contact lenses that embody natural beauty in everyday life

This campaign was prepared with a beauty pictorial of Minah Kang, a campaign video of Lia Kim, and a Claren O2O2 Dance Challenge along with the brand film of ITZY, which was released on the 18th of last month.

Actoress Kang Min-ah, who is gaining popularity in tvN ‘ True Beauty’, is Claren’s brand ambassador. She conducted a beauty pictorial and express five different charmings, wearing the new ‘Claren O2O2 Color M circle contact lenses ’ and ‘O2O2’ eye makeup products

The beauty pictorial can be found in the January issue of fashion magazine 'Cosmopolitan'.

In December, Interojo launched 5 types of oxygen color contact lenses 'Claren O2O2 Color M circle contact lenses ', which boasts a high oxygen transfer rate of premium materials, and 8 types of 'O2O2', eye makeup with the concept of healthy beauty. It is gaining popularity.