Contacts Versus Glasses: Which One Should You Choose?

16th Jan 2020

If you have a poor vision like me and you are in the middle of making a decision whether to buy eyeglasses or go for a more freeing experience i.e. buy contact lenses, I have been there. It’s not just me and you, almost everyone nowadays has to make this decision. Both contact lenses and spectacles have their pros and cons but if you put them on a balance, contact lenses would be havier. Contact lens offers more freedom because you have a lot of options like colored contact lenses for Haloween and circle contact lenses to beautify and magnify your eyes. If you are in the middle of the argument with yourself, I can help you make a better decision about what you want, an eyeglass or a pair of contact lenses.

Eyeglasses come with a lot of restrictions and boundaries hindering your activities. If you have an energetic and active lifestyle and you like to keep yourself busy, contact lenses are the best option. Bulky eyeglasses slip and fell down every time you try something more physical than normal. Eyeglasses offer a limited angel of sight due to their frames. This causes serious problems for you in any game field. Contact lenses, on the other hand, come with a great benefit of offering a holistic view of the landscape. No matter how active you get, contact lens would never pop out of your eyes and for some instant, they fell down, you don’t have to worry about the scratches or breaking of the lenses. Some people opt for spectacles for their kids being afraid of the myths associated with contact lenses. I am here to tell you that all of these speculations are false.

Circle contact lenses are a great product for people who are not happy with the size of their eyes as circle contacts create an illusion that enlarges the size of the eyes. You can buy contact lenses online from anywhere and anytime you want.

People especially girls are very choosy when it comes to how they look and the majority of eyeglass wearing people consider them a hurdle in how they want to look. With contact lenses, you can not only wear anything you want but with colored contact lenses, you can make your eyes look like anyone you deem desirable. Studies have shown that people that switch to contact lenses have higher self-acceptance for themselves and some researches even found out an increase in the social activities of the kids. They get more active and indulge in new adventures helping them explore new things.

Eyeglasses are prone to wear and tears and scratches. In summer there is wind, rain and many other activities that people love to engage in can cause damage to your eyeglasses. In winter fog on spectacle lenses is a common problem. You can avoid all of these problems by switching to contact lenses. The chances of a contact lens slipping from your eyes are very slim and they are less likely to get any bruises.

Choose smart, choose contact lenses. 

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