How to properly remove a lens

9th Jun 2021

Lenses worn all day, have you ever cried because of pain while removing lenses from your eyes?

When you take the lens out of the solution, the moisture it had on the lens starts evaporating into the air.

Over time after you wear your lenses, your lenses will take the moisture you need from your eyes.

This is why your eyes become dry when you wear contact lenses for a long time.

If you forcefully remove the lens at this time, the cornea may be damaged!

From now on, I will show you how to properly remove the lens.

1. blink your eyes

Blink your eyes first!

As long as the lens is not sticking to your eye and there is movement in the lens, it's OK to remove it!

2. Determine if artificial tears are needed

However, there will be times when your eyes are very dry from wearing contact lenses.

In that case, put one or two drops of artificial tears in your eyes and gently close your eyes to moisten the lenses a little!

3. Lens down the white pupil Have you made it this far?

But if you are going to remove the lens right away, please stop!

Even if the lens is removed just above the black pupil, the cornea can be damaged.

First, look up, lower the lens under the white pupil, and then remove it by pinching it with your finger!