The Magic of Artificial Tears: How to Use Them Right!

16th Oct 2023

Have you ever felt the discomfort of dry eyes? It's a sensation that many of us have experienced, especially in today's digital age where we spend countless hours in front of screens. Artificial tears can be a lifesaver, providing instant relief. But, like all things, they need to be used correctly. Let's dive into my personal journey with artificial tears and discover the dos and don'ts.

Understanding the Different Types of Artificial Tears

During my initial days of using artificial tears, I was surprised to learn that there are various types available. The two main categories are single-use and multi-use. Single-use tears don't contain preservatives, meaning they can degrade quickly once opened. On the other hand, multi-use tears usually contain preservatives, allowing them to last about a month after opening. However, those with sensitive eyes should be cautious when using them. It's crucial to choose the right product based on your eye condition and needs.

Proper Usage and Precautions

When I first started using artificial tears, I made a few mistakes. Here are some key takeaways from my experience:

  1. Clean Hands First: Always ensure your hands are clean before applying the drops.
  2. Avoid Direct Contact: The tip of the bottle shouldn't touch the eye to prevent infections.
  3. Special Care for Lens Wearers: If you wear contact lenses, opt for lens-specific artificial tears. They're designed to prevent lens damage and effectively alleviate dryness.
  4. Post Application Care: After applying, avoid rubbing your eyes. Instead, close them for a moment to let the liquid spread evenly.
  5. Check Expiry: Always use the tears within the recommended period post-opening to avoid bacterial contamination.

Convenient Store Artificial Tears 

On a trip, I once ran out of my regular artificial tears. I was relieved to find them available at a convenience store. While they're handy in emergencies, it's essential to check for preservatives and the expiry date. Some might contain ingredients that can cause nerve toxicity or inflammation if used incorrectly. Always ensure you're picking the right product for your needs.

Artificial tears have been a game-changer for me, alleviating the discomfort of dry eyes. However, it's essential to use them correctly to reap their benefits fully. Remember, while they provide temporary relief, if you experience persistent dryness, it's best to consult an expert. Let's prioritize our eye health and use products wisely!


  1. What are the main types of artificial tears?
    • There are primarily two types: single-use and multi-use. Single-use tears don't contain preservatives, while multi-use ones usually do.
  2. How should I apply artificial tears?
    • Ensure your hands are clean, avoid the bottle tip touching the eye, and close your eyes momentarily post-application.
  3. Can I buy artificial tears from a convenience store?
    • Yes, they are available at convenience stores. However, always check for preservatives and the expiry date before purchasing.
  4. Are there any side effects of using artificial tears?
    • If used incorrectly, some might cause nerve toxicity or inflammation. Always follow the recommended usage guidelines.
  5. How often should I use artificial tears?
    • It depends on your eye condition and the product's instructions. However, if you experience persistent dryness, it's best to consult an expert.