The new product is the talk of the trade - Bausch+Lomb Lacelle & Lacelle Colors (by K-lenspop)

13th Jul 2020

The new product is the talk of the trade - Bausch+Lomb Lacelle & Lacelle Colors
Deer Brown, Marsala pink, Ash Violet with colorful eyes

Bausch+Lomb Korea (CEO Kim Hyung-joon, has released three new colors, "Dear Brown," "Marsala Pink," and "Ash Violet," of trendy color lenses "LACELLE" and "LACELLE COLORS."

'LACELLE' is a Bausch+Lomb color lens brand that has been loved consistently since its first launch in 2015. So far, 7 different colors have been released, and with the release of the new <Deer Brown> color, a total of 8 different color lines have been prepared.

At the same time, LACELLE's new brand "LACELLE Colors," which is natural with trendy colors and reflects young people's emotions, has also released new products "Marsala Pink" and "Ash Violet."

The new product, "Dear Brown," is a brown color that everyone, including beginners, likes without any burden, and gives it a colorful and sophisticated look.The orange, gray, and two-tone colors are layered to complete the eyes with colorful eyes.

The Lacelle Colors <Marsala Pink> is a soft and lovely color lens that matches the chiffon-based clothing to create a calm and feminine image. The combination of deep-colored Marsala and pink color like ripened wine color can express natural and lovely eyes.

LACELLE Colors <Ash Violet> expresses a mysterious and dreamy style, and you can complete a sensuous and fashionable style with different styles of mix-match outfits. With the harmony of calm gray and violet colors, it is possible to express the mysterious charm that catches the eye.

All three types of colors provide a comfortable fit from the first wearing with various color patterns, safe and excellent color processing, and a thin edge treatment, and are moist with a high water content of 55%. In addition, a wide range of customer choices is possible with various prescription ranging from -0.50D to -10.00D along with a non-prscription lens.

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