What happens when you sleep with a lens on?

19th Apr 2021

There are some brands of contact lenses that can be worn while sleeping. It has high oxygen permeability and less foreign matter, so it can be worn for a long time.

However, experts recommend that even these types of lenses be removed when sleeping.

Unless lenses are designed to be worn continuously, they must be removed before going to sleep.

Even with lenses that allow oxygen to pass through and foreign substances are not easily deposited, wearing lenses is the same as if foreign substances are in the eye.

If worn for a long time, it irritates the surface of the eyeball, causing swelling of the conjunctiva, and inflammation in the eye that causes the eyeballs to become itchy.

Due to the nature of the lens that absorbs moisture, the longer the wearing time is, the stiff the eyes become due to dry eye syndrome.

It should also be noted that wearing moist lenses for a long time can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Bacteria prefer a humid environment, so they are more prone to breeding in the lens. This can cause eye irritation.

Most of these infectious diseases can be improved by using eye drops containing antibiotics, but if a more serious infection occurs, it can cause permanent visual changes by causing a scar on the cornea.