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Clalen Air Soo (6pcs) MONTHLY [Silicon Hydrogel]

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DIA 14.2mm
BC 8.6mm
Using Period 1month
Water Content 45%
Power 0.00~-9.00(0.25Step)
Manufacturer INTEROJO
 Origin  KOREA
 Package  1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE


1. If you are looking for a lens that is comfortable for your eyes, check the modulus.
AirSoo has the lowest modulus (0.5Mpa) among silicone hydrogel lenses for a month, so you can feel the softness well.
Modulus is a measure of the hardness of a material. The lower the lens, the thinner and softer the lens.
It boasts a thin lens design (0.059mm@-3.00D).

2. If you are looking for a moist lens, check the moisture content.
AirSoo provides a moist and soft fit with natural wettability (45% water content).

3. Check the oxygen delivery rate if it is for eye health.
The standard oxygen transfer rate required to reduce corneal swelling and swelling is Dk/t: 87.
AirSoo has a higher oxygen delivery rate than the standard [Dk/t: 100 (@-3.00D)]
helps secure clear vision in a comfortable and healthy way.




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