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If you are looking to rock any occasion or gathering with a stylish and elegant look, how about changing the color of your eyes? It is a great and affordable way to add grace and class to your look. Colored eye contact lenses give you the ability to get rid of your boring eyeglasses and be who you want to be. Whether you are looking for a simple and sleek look or a gothic or vampire look, Klens Pop has got you covered with our huge collection of colored eye contacts. With KlensPop, you can easily buy contact lenses online from the comfort of your sofa or bed.
We offer both prescribed and Plano colored contact lenses. You must be wondering what is the difference between both, well, prescribed colored eye contact lenses are lenses prescribed by a doctor for some error corrections in the vision. You will need a doctor’s prescription for these colored contact lenses. Plano contact lenses, on the other hand, are used only for cosmetic purposes as they don’t have any error correction ability. At KlensPop, we have a huge collection of both prescribed and Plano colored contact lenses.

Colored contact lenses are used in the same way as prescribed error correction lenses and have the same precautions as well. Colored contact lenses can be categorized into three main categories depending upon the tint present on them.
Visibility tinted colored lenses, enhancement tint, and opaque tint. The central area of the lens that covers the iris in clear so the wearer can have a clear vision without any obstacle in the way. Visibility tints do not have any major effect on the eye color, their tint is usually to help the user to identify where the lense is if it fell down. Enhancement tint is more visible than the visibility tint and it can actually change your eye color. People with light eyes can really benefit from these lenses. An opaque tint is for people with dark eyes. These tints are visible and have a huge range of designs and colors. Visibility and enhancement tints are transparent but opaque tints are non-transparent lenses. You can buy contact lenses online from a huge collection of the above-mentioned lenses from KlensPop.

Whether you are looking for a funky gothic look or a creepy Halloween look or something more classy that fits your dress for some occasions, we have every color and every design to help you rock any event or gathering. The list of eye contacts doesn’t end here, we have a plethora of colored eye contacts for novelty and cosplay looks. With our collection, you look anything you want a princess of a demon an elf or a warrior, the choice is yours. The only limitation is your own imagination because as far as contact lenses are concerned, Klens Pop has got you covered. Klens Pop makes sure that it delivers the best quality contact lenses made with the best material to ensure the good health of your eyes.

It’s time to say yes to new adventures and looks. You can achieve anything, look like anyone, and become anything you deem desirable. The only thing stopping you is yourself. Cosmetology has advanced so much that there is literally no limitations left. From surgical procedures to colored contact lenses you can look like whoever you want. Colored contact lenses are an instant way to achieve a dashing look whether you are looking aiming for a funky look or a decent one.

Contact lenses helped people get rid of their bulky and boring eyeglasses and colored contact lenses opened ways to other opportunities. If you are an anime enthusiast, colored contact lenses are like a Santa’s Gift or a birthday wish came true. Cosplay is one of the hottest trends among Gen X and Alphas. People of all ages dress up as their favorite anime characters and they top it off with a finish of colored contact lenses for a holistic look. It does not matter whether you want to be like Elsa or Anna from Frozen or Prince Hans, everything is possible with a huge collection of colored contact lenses available online.

Young people are easily impressed by superheroes and some by supervillains. They don’t just adore them, they try to look like them as well. Some people are content with costume and makeup but some detail-oriented enthusiasts go for 100% changeover including the color of their eyes and why not when it is as easy as ABC. Circle lenses are another form of contact lenses that come with dual benefits. It not only changes the color of eyes but makes them large in size as well. They don’t actually enlarge the size of the eyeball but create an illusion of an enlarged eyeball. So if you are not satisfied with the size of your eyes, circle contacts can help you. You can have large eyes and your desired color at the same time.

You don’t need to be a cosplay artist to use colored and circle contact lense. Anyone can use these contact lenses. Dressing up for prom or a date with your loved one, colored contact lenses are a sure way to assist you in bewitching anyone with your beautifully colored eyes.

Both circle contact lenses and colored contact lenses are safe to wear. It is usually rumored that cosmetic contact lenses are not safe for your eyes, but the reality is something totally different. Cosmetic contact lenses are just as safe as prescribed contact lenses. You need to keep the same precautions in mind as well. Don’t over wear your contact lenses, it can cause irritation and infections, clean and dry your hands before applying contact lenses and if you apply makeup remember to put on and off contact lenses before you wear makeup. Another important thing that must be kept in mind is that you never share your contact lenses with anyone. The exchange of bacteria and proteins can cause some serious problems for you. So which one of our contact lenses would you like to try…?